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August 16, 2009

Welcome to the John Lundmark blog.


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  1. David Speakman permalink

    John was an amazing man good friend and gentle soul. He is deeply missed by all who knew him. Thank you whoever you are for preserving a part of what made my life richer. Rest in peace dear traveling companion.

    • danielbbentley permalink

      David, Please share any stories or thoughts you have about John. It would enrich this site. Thanks for your previous comment. Dan’l

  2. danielbbentley permalink

    I’ve been thinking about John lately. It seems that when people pass I then see them in other people. It’s like they echo in others that I never noticed before. Sometimes they’re like dopplegangers and sometimes they’re just somewhat similar, hairstyle, posture, height, gait or something. John was a very unique individual and I wonder when I see these doubles if they are actually anything like John. If they are, I hope it’s just the shining parts and not the highly distressed parts for John certainly embodied both, and, of couse, the distressed part finally got the best of John and took him away.

  3. danielbbentley permalink

    One story that has lately come to mind is one John told me. He said when Allen Ginsberg came to Lawrence (I think this was in the mid 80s) that he went to a party for Allen. When he went up and introduced himself, Allen just pulled him onto his lap and kind of held him and stroked his hand all through an interview he was giving. John thought it was very sweet and it made him feel very good.

    • Richard Linker permalink

      Hi Dan – I am not sure if you are referring to another encounter between John and Ginsberg, but I wonder if this is when he and I went to Kansas City (with others from Lawrence) to hear Ginsberg read. We were waiting in the lobby of the venue when Ginsberg came in, saw us, and sat down with us. I remember he pulled John down on the couch beside him and held his hand the whole time we all talked with him. I do not remember him being in Ginsberg’s lap, so there may have been two occasions.

      • danielbbentley permalink

        Hi Richard. You were there so probably correct. I doubt there were two occasions that similar. The story I related could be a John embellishment or maybe a Bentley one.

        Do you have photos from the Pooh Corner days (and stories) that you would like to share with the Lawrence 1970s site?

        Be well. Dan’l B

  4. Today is August 9, 2018. Last night I dreamed about John all night long. You know how it can be disappointing to awaken from a dream and realize it was just a dream? Well, this morning it was more than disappointing, it was sorrowful. Deeply sorrowful. He was alive in the dream and full of his love and gentleness. I’ve been thinking about him all day, often with tears. I left Lawrence in 1979 but I still miss him so much.

    • danielbbentley permalink

      Richard, I wrote a reply on the same page you commented on.

  5. danielbbentley permalink

    Richard. The websites I have made as memorials to passed friends have helped me deal with my grief. Their amazing being and many talents live on in our minds and hearts, cold comfort indeed when it comes to life on this plane of flesh and bone. But at the moment, that is all I know. I wish you peace.

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